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The tire valve is one of the few “technologies” in existence today that has not been improved upon since its invention over 50 years ago. SUREVALVE aims to change that.

SUREVALVE is a multi-U.S. patented; Nickel-plate brass, high performance safety tire valve that will not leak air even if the valve is sheared. The critical air-sealing core is located inside the base valve that is further protected inside the wheel. This compares to a rubber, generic valve that leaves the valve core at the external tip of the valve that is exposed outside the wheel. SUREVALVE has an external breakaway component that provides a dual air seal. If the valve is damaged air is still retained in the tire and the breakaway component can be replaced at leisure without removing the tire from the wheel. 

 SUREVALVE® is the right product at the right time. It meets and exceeds the needs of 21st century vehicles and the higher speeds and harsher conditions that we encounter on our highways today. SUREVALVE® enhances driver and passenger SAFETY --- is light in weight, aesthetically attractive, covered by multiple U.S. patents and  two Registered Trade Marks, helps to conserve fuel and adds to tire life. Contract manufacturing is in place and no R/D is required.

As the safest tire valve in the world, SUREVALVE brings peace of mind to anxious drivers concerned about tire safety while driving on crowded highways. SUREVALVE is positioned to dominate the replacement tire market. SUREVALVE can materially enhance the profitability of tire dealers because of market size and gross margins approaching 70%.


 Leading tire manufacturers as well as knowledgeable technical writers have acknowledged concern for air loss in generic rubber tire valves caused by deterioration of the rubber that can lead to dangerous air loss as well as causing tread stripping, loss of driver control, increased distance to stop – and fatalities. Additionally, the air sealing valve core in a rubber generic tire valve is located at the highly exposed end of the rubber valve thus susceptible to breakage/shearing leading again to highly dangerous air loss  

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (N.H.T.S.A.) warns of  the danger of tires operating under recommended tire pressure: 

(1)260,000 crashes per year; (2) 650 deaths per year.

The D.O.T. estimates over 200 million non-commercial vehicles and 450 million commercial vehicles on the highways consume over 2 billion gallons of fuel per year because of improperly inflated tires.

Tires running on properly inflated tires would result in saving 57.5 billion pounds of carbons  per year


SUREVALVE® :  the SAFEST tire valve line  in the world and is  covered under three  U.S. Patents. SUREVALVE® is a Nickel-plated brass, clamp-in tire valve with three, air sealing components. Generic, rubber tire valves have one, highly exposed air-sealing valve core at the outside end of the valve. (There are no other patented tire valves). SUREVALVE®’s base valve has the critical air-sealing core located INSIDE the wheel with no external exposure as on generic tire valves. The second air-seal is the slightly-scored, breakaway component. The third seal is a valve cap. The patented features assure that if the valve strikes  highway debris, a pothole, or hidden obstacles while driving in off-road terrain, the breakaway, even if sheared, will perform its sacrificial function and  air is retained in the tire because the base valve  core is INSIDE the wheel. The breakaway can be replaced at leisure without removing the tire from the wheel. SUREVALVE® can be used virtually with almost any pneumatic tire. SUREVALVE has been approved for use in NASCAR’s Whelen All-American Series and 20 other prestigious racing Series.

The automotive and tire industries have historically suffered from costly recalls due to faulty rubber tire valves leading to sudden deflation and causing rollovers, accidents and even death. The generic valve has a rubber valve stem. Cracks in valve stems happen naturally through the breakdown of the rubber without an outside force acting on them. If they are struck by debris or because of natural breakdown the result can be instant air loss.


(Statistics from Rubber Manufacturers Association)

2011: Replacement Tire Market:

·        Passenger car: 200 million units

·        Light truck: 28 million units

·        Passenger car: “Growth in 2011 will be tempered as continued economic uncertainties for the consumer will result in less than a 2% increase”.

·        Light truck: “Little or no increase is anticipated in 2011 in keeping with commercial forecasts”.

NOTE: The replacement tire market for SUREVALVE®  in the passenger car market is calculated to be in the 100 million piece range. ValveCo has not attempted to enter the potential market for light trucks because of the lack of personnel. Taking a conservative approach, it seems reasonable that that market for SUREVALVE could approach 20 million units for light trucks.

Last October,  Bruce Brackett, V.P., Sales,  Michelin Americas Small Tires:  “The tire’s valve is a very important maintenance item ….these valves are ordinary rubber, can deteriorate over time, and should be replaced when you buy new tires.. At high speeds, a cracked, deteriorated rubber valve stem can bend from centrifugal force and allow air loss.”

On “Popular Mechanics” web site, Mike Allen stated: “ Wake up, folks! I’ve always recommended the use of metal valve stems, not rubber ones”.

SUREVALVE Advantages Over Generic Rubber Valves.

                                                                    SUREVALVE®      Rubber Valve

·        Sensitive valve core inside the wheel              yes                          no

·        Double air seals                                           yes                          no

·        Enhanced driver/occupant safety                   yes                          no

·        Flex at high speeds                                      no                           yes             

·        Potential for rubber deterioration                     no                           yes

·        Can be ripped out of the wheel                       no                           yes

·        Dirt can easily enter valve core                       no                           yes

·        Compatible with Nitrogen-fill                          yes                          yes

·        Helps to conserve fuel and add to tire life        yes                          no


·SUREVALVE® is the only GREEN tire valve on the market. It retains air that is dirty, physically harmful and corrosive.

·A lengthy survey conducted last year by AutoMD showed that automobile owners “will hold on to their vehicles much longer than in the past” and “service them for thousands of more miles”. Given the status of the economy this is truer today than ever.

·SUREVALVE® can be installed on four  tires for less than the cost of half a tank of fuel  - and re-used

·SUREVALVE® has a modern aesthetic “style” compatible with 21st century designed wheels.

·SUREVALVE®’s optimum design can be used by a wide variety of vehicles, from autos and small trucks, military vehicles, first-response vehicles, agriculture equipment, racing vehicles, etc..

·For serious “off-roaders” driving in hazardous terrain, the breakaway can be replaced with a hex cap thus lowering the external profile.

The First Line for SUREVALVE Sales: Tire Dealers

An article this year in Modern Tire Dealer magazine described the power of the dealer in the selling process. It was noted that 85% of the selling in the industry is done by the tire dealer. It was further noted that customers do not come in with any decision already made  on what  brand they will purchase thus the real important first step for SUREVALVE sales is with the tire dealer – the one who convinces the customer at the sales counter what to buy.

A SUREVALVE pitch to a customer should be a no-brainer. It should feature the SAFETY of the valve. Having seen the car, it may be obvious that children are in the family. If not obvious, ask. In addition, SUREVALVE provides the additional feature of better gas mileage and longer tire life because of air retention.  A counter display will tell the story and compare rubber valves with SUREVALVE – and a SUREVALVE in the salesman’s hand for the customer to see plus the salesman’s “strong suggestion” that SUREVALVE is the right decision,  should close the sale.

While tire retailers have been feeling a lot of angst about their margins, many of them act foolishly, thus lowering their margins. For example: “THE ABSOLUTE LOWEST TIRE  PRICE - GUARANTEED”. “YOU PAY LESS OR WE PAY YOU-PERIOD”. It has been noted in trade magazines that there is a need for tire dealers to “control” their businesses and add high-margin products. SUREVALVE® gross margin on a selling price of $5.00/valve provides a minimal gross margin close to 70%.